mirror mirror on the wall...square

My very best friend asked me for mirror inspiration. I put together some different ideas for a mirror as well as some common ideas but in great interiors...
Mirrors are a favorite design element of decorators not just because they're pretty, but because mirrors have amazing space and light enhancing properties. While any old mirror will help make a room look larger and brighter and, when properly positioned, can maximize a good view, a beautifully designed mirror can function as art in its own right.

via house beautifulAN9_2770 Dining roomContemporary living roomemily henson's homecorner of Emily Henson's home which was featured here on PassionDecor
livingroom livingroom6White living room wall mirror leather classic Florance Knoll sofa cactis plant rug real home L etc 03/2008 pub orig ss_101267420photo above is the home of Beth Armijo...read more here
via chic coles via decor pad
*image credit written on the photo. if not, it's because I don't know the source. If you DO, please share :)

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  1. Sva su divna, a ja sam licno ipak za squares. Verovatno jer mi najvise lice na prozore, da mogu imala bih prozore svuda naokolo!


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