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It is time for new balkan breeze post...and this time we're visiting fabulously stylish and fresh apartment of Kristina Duran, interior designer from Zagreb, Croatia. She worked for years as creative director of Croatian interior magazine moja4zida, where she wrote with passion about design. Now Kristina and her friend and coworker Natasa Somek started with Miss Decor studio, making this world a prettier place to live in.
And without further ado...

novo4home3name and location: Kristina Duran, Zagreb, Croatia
square meters: 68
my style: Scandinavian, with lots of white and with interesting detailshome7 inspiration: homes and apartments I find through blogs, simple vintage details, flea markets, French windows, past times...
favorite element: I'm crazy about crystal chandeliers and candlesticks, I have lots of them and my friends are kidding me that in the past life I lived in a palace. Besides that, I love my bedroom. Although it's small, I think it's SO sweet and romantic.goran5 biggest challenge: being mom and doing what I love. and taking my dog for a walk ha hakuhinja4kuhinja5kuhinja3 what friend say: as I mentioned, my closest friends think I got lost in  time, for a few decades...that I am born in a wrong time period as I love vintage things. That's how I decorated my home, which also has a classy but dreamy touch. I respect minimalism but it's not my style.sman11novo3web1decorating advice: You'll never go wrong with white. Beside it's beautiful, it is easy to combine it with other colors plus it makes the space seem bigger. With two kids and a dog, I can tell you from my experience  it's not difficult to keep white space clean. Of course, you should find a sofa with removable/washable cover, but it's not a problem at all to keep white floor clean.kiki1kiki2spavaca1

Don't you just LOVE Kristina's apartment? It looks like scandinavian/french combination to me...and I ADORE it! Kristina lives there with her husband, two kids and adorable little dog named Gitica (as you've noticed, Gitica is quite a model).

Oh, I forgot to tell you...Kristina also blogs...her blog Miss Decor is one of my favorites. So, if you need a Scandinavian, French, romantic, dreamy INSPIRATION, you go check it out.

Copy of gitica

I know you enjoyed this tour...

until next balkan breeze


  1. Wooow, ovakav stan postoji u Zagrebu!?!? Woooow... Sviđa mi se prozračnost i jednostavnost iako za moj ukus previše bijelo. Posebno mi se sviđaju male "niše" za knjige umjesto polica i kuhinja me potpuno očarala! Obožavam sudopere koji nisu ugrađeni u kuhinjske elemente... Jako lijepo! :)

  2. eto,zamisli samo koliko li se jos dragulja krije po Zagrebu i ostalim gradovima... :)

    a bijela je tako divna i zahvalna jer ipak nikad nije ista i jednolicna - dobija razlicite nijanse zavisno koja svjetlost i sa koje strane svijeta pada na povrsinu. predivno!
    bas mi je drago da te tako odusevio ovaj stan :)

  3. Millie, soooo thank you!
    miss d

  4. Miss d...it was MY pleasure...thank YOU! :)


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