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Have you heard about trullo? It is house with conical roofing, traditional for south-east Italy and may be found in towns Alberobello, Locorotondo, Fasano, Cisternino, Martina Franca and Ceglie Messapica. Trulli were generally constructed as storehouses, built without any cement. This style of construction is also prevalent in the surrounding countryside where most of the fields are separated by dry-stone walls (the same style of construction can be seen in my country too...and I am fascinated by its durability)
In Alberobello atop a trullo's cone there is normally a pinnacle, that may be one of many designs, chosen for symbolism. Additionally, the cone itself may have a symbol painted on it...which may include planetary symbols, the mallocchio (evil eye), the cross, a heart, a star ....

Living in trulli keeps us warm in winter, and gives cool environment during hot weather. In majority, one room is under each conical roof, and a multiroomed trullo house has many cones representing a room each.

Today I bring you interior of one trullo, don't know exactly it's location...but you will agree with me - it is absolutely gorgeous! All photos spotted on Inspiring Interiors ...perfect name for blog full of mediterranean inspiration

Today trulli are popular among tourists, and often bought and restored for general use. Now, you can find trullo hotel, or a home. But, trulli are protected under UNESCO, so you understand it's not easy to have one, because there are too many regulations you have to conform.

Do you love it?


  1. Great photos and it was interesting to see that your country has the same arhitecture (I love it by the way) - something new to learn for me :)

  2. I love them! Such wonderful architectural details!!

  3. Trulli's so inspiring. To have a home made of stone is one of my greatest wishes. Hope to achieve that. Thank you Jožica and Mary for your comments :)


  4. diiiiiiivno!:)))
    može li čovjek u ovakvoj kućici ikada da bude neraspoložen? mislim da je to prosto nemoguće...
    prava je kućica iz snova.

  5. Evo Mili i mene u posjeti kod tebe!
    Koliko vidim otprilike dijelimo sličan ukus i strast :)

    Ima i kod tebe puno toga za pregledati, pa polako jedan po jedan post...

    Ovaj interijer je baš ono što volim, iskreno nisam preveliki ljubitelj ultra modernih i minimalističkih interijera, ali mogu cijeniti ako je neki dobar!

  6. Dobrodošla! Baš mi je drago :)

    Takođe i ja više volim tople, pomalo rustične ambijente,mada uvjek skinem kapu i odam dužno poštovanje dobrom modernom enterijeru.


  7. I love this warm and welcoming home! Thank you for sharing!


  8. I'm answering here as well:
    In Scandinavia we usually love to let the light into our homes, so usually we have light curtains or no curtains at all like this. I guess we don't care if the neighbours see us :)
    I can see that Americans like to hide behind blinds and curtains too, at least here in LA....

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs, Nina


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