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One of PassionDecor readers asked me if I could find some inspirational photos of makeup and dressing table. The thing is, she asked me long time ago on PD facebook page...ang I just saw that yesterday..silly me. Please guys...whatever you want to ask me, write me an email...I'll be more than happy to help in any way.
Here are some photos I found inspirative and beautiful.

Opt for narrow console table with drawers,and you can never go wrong, especially in small space.
  via designsponge

or go eclectic with different styles, colours and textures. don't forget to add scents. this desk is perfect for makeup, dressing or even writing a letter... Oh, how much I love writing letters

some traditional styled dressing tables...

...and some sleek, modern orientated...


...classic and practical...

...inspired by Art Deco...

...or just simple and functional...

I hope you like my ideas for dressing table. Which one is your favorite?


  1. Oh I think any of these dressing tables are a girl's dream come true since I'm sure that not many of us can afford one - not financially of course but space/room speaking? My dressing table is one day a mirror in the bathroom, the other the coffee table and then the dinner table, when I'm in a hurry, standing in the hallway is sufficient! :)
    All of "your" tables have something that I like but none of them are "the one"... When I see it, I'll know! Kisses!

  2. It's so beautiful collection above! I wanted to classify the best one but couldn't get because, every piece has its distinguished quality. These sort of things are really dream dressing table to be beautiful front of it.


Always love to know your thoughts. Thanks for sharing


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