home tour.. vintage cottage

You know when reading a good book written long long time ago, or just having that vintage feeling...there's always a mansion or castle in it, with gorgeous gardens and landscaping? And where is a mansion, there is at least one guest cottage.
That was my first thought after seeing this lovely, comfy and fresh little cottage...spotted on House of Turquoise
Photographed by Janis Nicolay and featured in Style at Home magazine, this cottage was designed by Colleen Sawatsky, owner of Vintage Home.

Don't you love the art above the sofa? adorable...

It is always effective to put a chandelier in front of the mirror...it doubles the beauty

It feels like this cottage is near the sea...

painted wooden floor against the new sleek one; rustic, vintage door and a jar to hold them open...lovely

OMG how much I love that tufted chair...in this colour particularly

Did you enjoy this home tour? Colleen made this cottage breathe, I think


  1. I love the new look of your website Millie. And the blue is this photo is amazing!!



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