balkan breeze ... soulful grey

Hello everybody...it's time for new Balkan breeze ...and this time I've decided to feature one masculine and very stylish apartment I fell inlove with several months ago. This is apartment in Belgrade, located in area I am personaly attached to - Konjarnik...because I used to live there for several years. It was the best time ever.
Anyway, the apartment we're touring today belongs to young and successful graphic and industrial designer, so he implemented all of his knowledge about the form, colours and proportions in it.

apartment has an open-plan concept. grey is dominant, as it is masculine but neutral, and above all - timeless!

he redesigned the old Singer sewing maschine table, and decided to use it as a working table. must admit, I am jealous.....as I think this table is so beautiful and want it for myself

don't you think this chair is perfect. so retro, yet modern. I bet it's heavenly comfortable

it's nice to know there is a man who loves flowers in his home... :)

bedroom...the only room with colour. for me it feels a bit zen. colours are calming, soothing

bathroom is small, and decorated totally unusual for Balkan - without tiles. Again, I have to say...this way looks much better, although I don't have anything against tiles ;)

did you folks enjoyed this tour? tell me tell me...

*photos from CASAVIVA magazine


  1. Ova Balkanska tura je odlicna ideja.
    Stanovi su za pozavideti. Iako su stilovi potpuno drugaciji, svaki se uklapa u pravu balkansku viziju ;)

  2. Presrećna sam da ti se dopada... Imamo toliko da pokažemo svijetu...ipak smo mi Balkanci,ljudi od stila i tradicije ;)

    veliki poz xoxo

  3. Mamina stara Wertheim sivaca masina je moj radni stol ; )


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