3 in 1 room

Hello again, my dearest readers! How you're doing? I've been very busy lately, so I wasn't around my or any other blog...sigh. Have a lot to catch up.
Anyway, today I finally found some spare time. I'm not working for next two days, so I can devote myself to my passion :)
On OHDEEDOH I spotted so smart three-boys-room. It's difficult enough to decorate the room for one child, not to mention two or three. So, how to decorate it successfully? There are many ways, and if I start to talk about it, this would be one very long post.
But, you can see this example as a perfect leave-me-breathless room for three. The great thing about this room (besides it's unique style) is the great use of floor plan, or better saying - not using any. Always perfect solution for small or limited spaces.
the bumper crop photo 1
 the bumper crop photo 2
I must add how much I love this grey wall color and overall navy feeling of the room. Click the photo to visit the lovely and cheerful blog The Bumper Crop and to read more about creation process of the room.
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