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Hello my dearest readers... like I've mentioned before, PassionDecor presents a new category - "balkan breeze"...featuring lovely Balkan homes. Finally D day is happening. I will let you have a sneek peak into homes in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia. Here will be presented homes never seen before...but also homes featured in some of my favourite magazines.
Hope you'll be thrilled as much as I am. For all of you living in this area - I'm proud to be a part of this team with so many talented and inspirational people... For all of you all around the world - please, enjoy these tours and let me show you my culture

Now, let's make the first tour...around this beautiful, heartful and lovely apartment in Serbia
This home belongs to Tanja (read Tanya), dear blogger friend...very smart and sharp woman, with good sense of style and eye for details. She was very kind, allowing me to feature her home on PassionDecor.
Thank you Tanja, very much!
Well, must admit I have jitters...so this time it's hard to find the words. But, (saved by the bell) Tanja wrote something about her home...so let's read it after the jump

"My apartment is decorated according to my wishes and possibilities...it's full of furniture and details I've inherited from my grandmother, things I didn't want to give up for sentimental reasons.
Inherited pieces and some valuable decorative items, as well as paintings, have served for me as some kind of basis for all subsequent modifications or finishing touches. I grew up in interiors like this, and don't want anything else... in this and similar ambients I feel like home."

"It's hard to categorize my style...I love Victorian kitsch, or already well known Shabby chic, which is also my inspiration. Besides, details are very important to me." As you can see, Tanja has a beautiful collection of vintage accessories, and she surely knows how to make the focal point out of them

Tanja changes the overall layout often, which is very refreshing for eyes and personal feeling for the space. She also achieves the new look by just rearranging accessories and details. Over time, Tanja devoted to every room particularly, so they are unified by style and she can now fully enjoy spending time in her home.

don't you love the look of Tanja's apartment? please...share your thoughts...


  1. Lepo je videti "poznati" ambijent iz ove vizure :)) Hvala još jednom!

  2. Super ideja! Veselim se tvojim sneak peak-ovima;-))Uživaj!!

  3. What a cute gallery wall! And thank you so much for adding our button!


  4. Very elegant! Perfect interior for Atlanta Homes.

  5. Cao Millie!!
    Evo, ja sam tek sada otkrila tvoj prekrasan, inspirativan blog:))
    Pozdrav iz Rijeke, Biljana

  6. Thank you ALL for such lovely and supportive comments
    Biljana, welcome to my blog, glad you like it :)

  7. Ohhh Tanja has such a lovely, warm home. Love all the rooms and the details too.
    Looking forward to seeing more "balcan breeze" homes!


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