vintage pottery plus my presents...

Almost a month ago I got a very special present from my mother-in-law. I was so thrilled,because it came so sudden and without any special reason...which makes it even greater. I felt like she read my posts about pottery and Eddie Ross's flea market finds
It is a set of vintage hundred-years-old plates carried in my husband's family. They are so beautiful, and very heavy,litterarly :)

few days after that, my husband was visiting a friend at his konoba (an old syle mediteranean restaurant-if anyone knows translation,please let me know)...it's restaurant made of stone,filled with wooden furniture and all sorts of vintage treasures of our place... So,my husband's friend gave him an not-so-old (maybe 50 years) shelving, perfect for pottery or my collection of bottles or pantry jars

We will hang it in the kitchen, after I sand it and paint it probably off white. I'm thinking of making it shabby, because it will bring out all the beauty of it...do you agree?
As always inspired by vintage pottery, I did some search for more beautiful ones...

images from Cardinal917
                   My Polka Dot Pottery
                   A piece by Denise
all Etsy where you can discover more beauties


  1. I polica i keramika su prekrasni.

  2. Bog! Hi I found your blog from a fellow blogger. Have started reading from your archives..ok I will be honest I can only understand a word here and there but I do enjoy to look at the photos.

    Greetings from Hrvatska!

  3. Hi Elisa, welcome to my blog :)
    It was difficult for you to understand posts writen in Serbian? If so,that's the reason I continued writing in English.
    I hope you like my blog,and keep visiting :)
    greetings from neighbourhood

  4. Moja draga gospodjo Tralalalinski (kako ti je super nick)...ne znam kako prije nisam vidjela komentar...
    hvala puno :)


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