passion finds.. cake plates and stands..

First, Happy Easter everyone...as we say Hristos Voskrese (which means Christ's Resurrected).
But, I won't posting about Easter, especially about eggs
It's about cake stands, which I'm crazy about. Would like to have dozens of vintage, classic, retro, romantic, elegant or shabby cake stands

One to make me think of  ancient Romans or Greeks...like they had those back then,he he
photo via

so beautiful, so stylish
photos via Pottery Barn

My mom had something like this one. I would love it.
photos My fabulous italian favor
Ivory porcelain footed cake plate - Click Image to Close
Or this one? I have no words in English to describe it's beauty. Can anyone help?
photos Ranieri boutique

these two are so modern, and lovely, no, no, they're absolutely SMART
photos via one charming party
[cake.jpg]scharffen berger cake
Like flower or ballerina's skirt....so lovely. I want to have them :(
photos via daisy chainae & miette

funky and modern
photo via gift monger

one more funky
photo via blomma finds & huset
This is my favorite. At least,one of many.. Blue drives me crazy,in a good way. Don't you love it?

I'll probably make a pause in posting, 'cause I plan to go on a vacation... Don't you leave me, I promise I'll be back soon. Last time I traveled was three years ago,almost forgot what it looks like..to travel somewhere :)
Untill next post...have a good time, and send me some pictures of how you spent your holidays...

My post is almost about my favorites - cakes :)

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  1. Great collection of cake stands! It's hard to pick a favorite. That ballerina skirt looking one is so cute!

    And I love the translation of what you say instead of Happy Easter. Too bad Easter didn't translate to something like that too.


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