great DIY bedroom idea...or two :)

That girl from Room Remix blog always shares such a great ideas. While reading her post about  creative decorating ideas for bedroom, and I must say - all ideas are awsome...a had brainstorming,as always when looking anything inspirational. Must start carrie around with me pens and notebooks for writing and drawing every idea down :)
Anyway, back to the point, she shared two lovely ideas which can easily be made...do you want to see?
via Traditional home

Make a wall hanging behind the bed or anywhere in your home by lining glass beads and shells on a fishing line....unique and oh so pretty..

Or create a pattern and draw it directly on the wall. Rethink design used this fabulous pen Sharpie,but as I can not find one, I'm thinking of good old artistic brush or something...


  1. Two great ideas!! I absolutely love that pattern drawn behind the bed.

  2. Yes, so simple but effective :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 25, 2010

    Thank you for the mention and link back! Hope you're having a good weekend...

  4. It's at least what I can do..
    thank you for inspiration :)


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