{home tour} narrow apartment with amazing solutions

size: 59m2 (640sf)

Another example of well organized apartment full of storage space without feeling cramped. Everything is special about this home, especially the fact there lives the family of four. My thought at first glance on the footage (640sf) was “so what? I know dozens of dozens families living in apartments that big or smaller!” … but the odd, unusual and unpractical layout makes it even more challenging and special. Noroof architects are creators of amazing solution for the space, inspired by the boys wish to be like a pirate ship. They sure did a fantastic job with hidden compartments all over the space and with flexible furniture. take a good look

finger-kennedy-apartment-thumbnail via dwell

finger-kennedy-apartment-exposed-brick-interior-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-kitchen-sliding-pantry-cabinet via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-skylights-recessed-lighting-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-kitchen-colorful-cookware via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment via AT1finger-kennedy-apartment via ATfinger-kennedy-apartment-living-room-make-table-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-living-room-table-disappear-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-living-room-table-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-master-bedroom-bed-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-master-bedroom-floor-storage via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-office-bed-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-office-desk-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-office-transform-bed-portrait via dwellfinger-kennedy-apartment-bathroom via dwell

via dwell and apartment therapy


  1. I always admire those clever storage solutions!

  2. Love this space! So much you can do with small spaces! Great post.

    Nike O.

  3. Fantasticno uredjen prostor :) Zid od ciglica me je posebno odusevio.


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