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One of the very few shows I like to watch on TV is the reality show similar to Extreme Home Makeover. It’s Serbian show “Radna akcija” with main aim to help people and families in need for functional, proper home. Those people usually live in extremely bad conditions, in cold homes, with mold or broken walls and ceilings, old furniture in bad shape, sometimes even without water or bathroom. My husband always asks me why I’m smiling while watching the show. How not to smile, when I’m happy to see someone’s been helped to start over, and home is the biggest thing in that process.

Now, I want to feature here one of many makeovers, because I like it the most, the team was creative and created a youthful home for young girl, who lost her mother not so long ago. The apartment has 43m2 (462sqft) and the girl who lives there is amazing, brave, smart and adorable. Let’s see the makeover…

2-1-2013 9-44-30 AM

2-1-2013 9-44-51 AM2-1-2013 9-44-09 AM2-1-2013 9-45-14 AM2-1-2013 9-45-34 AM2-1-2013 9-45-53 AM2-1-2013 9-46-30 AM2-1-2013 9-46-49 AM2-1-2013 9-48-11 AM2-1-2013 9-48-31 AM2-1-2013 9-48-57 AM2-1-2013 9-49-57 AM2-1-2013 9-51-29 AM2-1-2013 9-58-27 AM2-1-2013 10-06-57 AM2-1-2013 10-00-56 AM2-1-2013 10-02-06 AM2-1-2013 10-06-26 AM

photos are printscreen of the video. by PassionDecor

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  1. The outcome is modern with sleek lines which I like!


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