my favorite posts in 2012

creative small homes in 2012


1. One of the most amazing small apartments belongs to Janet Lee who wrote a book about Living in a nutshell

2. Fun, patterned and colorful apartment with some great space boosting ideas

3. So many storage ideas in this casual apartment in Berlin

4. The tiniest and tidiest place for living on Earth! Amazing!

5. Mother and daughter live in this lovely small apartment full of creative solutions

best home tours in2012 

1. London home full of white with plum and blue accents

2. Colorful, bohemian home full of various happy patterns

3. Home with calming palette and nice storage solutions

4. Home of Catherine Hammerton

5. Eclectic bohemian home

best diy ideas

1. simple and effective hanging paper art

2. wall mural

3. cross-stitch pattern on the wall

best inspiration posts in 2012

1. if you have tiny footage for a home office, maybe these photos can inspire you

2. remember old Thonet chair No.14? it’s still in use, original or restyled…pick your choice

3. ideas for using drawers a bit differently

4. would you wallpaper your bathroom?

5. plenty of ideas to camouflage the tv

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  1. Lovely homes and lovely posts as always! Something changed around here...:)


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