pinboard in gold and black

My sister needed a pin board to pin her inspiration photos and words, and to help her discover her passions and goals to achieve. So, we bought cheap and boring pin board with update on mind. Her choice is combination of black and gold, and I wanted to make it simple but beautiful even without anything pinned on it, so I went for chevron. I’ve considered some other patterns too but it would be more time consuming. This is the result:


This is my tiny corner credenza, with oil bottle found in the sea, as well as the white coral branch, the Duck is handmade and beautiful, and the books happen to be my favorites: “Good Morning, Belgrade” ; “Monologue of smiles” poetry by my friend; “Incidental reflections” and “Wandering Bokelj”

Pano za moju sestru,u zlatnoj cik cak šari, sa crnim ramom. Nalazi se na mojoj ugaonoj komodici u dnevnoj sobi, pored koje su bočica za ulje I koralna grančica izvađeni sa dna mora, prelijep ručno rađeni Patak I nekoliko knjiga koje volim: “Beograde, dobro jutro” D.Radovića; “Monolog osmeha” od Ivane Stojić Sunčice; “Uzgredna razmišljanja” od V.Jerotića I “Lutajući Bokelj” od Nikole Malovića

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