new years’ wishlist

new years wishlist

1.I need and want the Truth No.3 in Black by Jana Orsolic. The quote is truly inspirational, and I want it next to the Truth No.1 in white box I already have

2. Earrings are my favorite accessories, especially  if they are long, colorful and funky like these feather earrings

3. I’m all for blue or navy now, don’t know what got into me, and this blue leather tote would go perfectly with my colorful and patterned wardrobe.

4. It’s always good to have translucent furniture in small apartments, and this acrylic side table is my choice for tight space and kid-friendly environment

5. The perfect sofa! Beautiful line… just as right size for apartment… neutral color with bright buttons… looks great just standing alone, with or without decorative pillows… That’s what I need and want badly.

Don’t you think I’m modest? 

Wish you all

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

with a job and regular paychecks…

roof over your head…

food on the table…

peace of your soul and smile on your face


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