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Well, maybe this is one of the hardest things for me to do (so be kind), but somehow I wanted to blog about my humble 48m2 apartment I’m sharing with husband and two little boys (4 and 1). It’s far from perfect, and I’m always trying to improve it (without ANY money for it), so it mostly ends with disappointment. So many things have to be done, and time flies with small kids. My husband is tired of my ideas or constant rearranging, but it doesn’t stop me. As long as I can do it by myself. If you’re interested – check out my home… Photos are old couple of months, some things are a bit changed, now I’m waiting for sunny weather again to photograph.

februar maj 2012 055

the kitchen had sky blue walls I couldn’t wait to repaint. My wish is to paint the cabinets glossy white and walls in light gray, but until we can, I opted for subtle green walls to create cozy space with dark wood and red tones. vintage wall shelf will be painted white or bright yellow shade. the walls still lack of pictures. The clock is more then 100 years old, from my husband’s family, and the ship drawing was made by my father when I was little, and I adore it. so simple and beautiful.

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below is my tiny blogging corner with old pc and some decorations. The framed print is from Jana, but the rest is by myself. my husband built me the desk out of plywood scraps. it supposed to be just temporary, and hey, five years after it’s still here. the chair is thrift find and I love it!

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The bedroom! The brightest and happiest room in the apartment. The younger boy sleeps in the crib, and older with us in the big bed, he doesn’t want to sleep alone, but eventually he will have to. Behind the camera is the only wardrobe we have for now. Storage space is the main issue, hoping to fix that soon.


…and our closed balcony works as a play area during spring/summer months, smoking getaway for my husband or for me to drink coffee and flip through magazines


photos by Millie PassionDecor


  1. Hi Mili :) Thanks for stopping ny my Eight Hundred Sq.Ft. and leaving a comment of the "Single Girl Bachelor Apartment" makeover :) Shoot me an email and we can chat about sharing it on passiondecor.me


  2. razumem te, postovanje privatnih fotografija, dece, kuce itd. je za mene isto cudna, cupava i pipava stvar. desavalo mi se da ubacim neku fotku uz recept na kojoj viri glava mog deteta, a onda bih je kasnije obrisala. paranoja valjda.
    svidja mi se sto si slikala sta ima NA frizideru, obozavam kako si iskoristila metalne kutije od bebi formule, kuhinja je sjajna, trpezarijski deo takodje! nije lako opremiti mali prostor ako u njemu zive i klinci, ali tebi dobro ide, a i sve je pod konac!

    1. hvala na lijepim riječima :)
      a zasad jeste sve pod konac, ali kako se stvari i igračke gomilaju, skoro je nemoguće održavati red...bez veće reorganizacije. Nadam se da će mi objavljene slike pomoći da prije napravimo promjene ;)


  3. Millie your house is very homey and looks taken care of! It's a good thing that you have a screened balcony so the boys have an extra space to play. Thanks for sharing with us! Oh...and do convince your older one to go to his own room, it'd be better for everyone I believe.
    Love, Olga

    1. thank you Olga for kind words :)
      And...I can't wait to see the older boy to sleep in his own bed, ASAP. As it is the only bedroom we have, me and my husband have to find a sofa bed and sleep in the living room...or make a loft bed maybe?


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