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The most interesting and the most challenging interiors to decorate are small apartments and studios. How many furniture is too much, or too many? Many examples shows it’s all about personal taste and living style.

Every space I get to decorate in any way is amazing by its own and I try my best to match owners ideas and tastes with my vision for their space. The studio here is so tiny, measures only 28 square meters (300sqft) and the owner wanted to fit a bed there, at first.

The owner is one interesting lady, modern and unconventional. I suggested for her two versions of the space, in both are various types of furniture and finishes to create the feeling it’s not decorated all at once, making the studio with character.

plan varijanta II


Picture above shows a floorplan with separated tiny bedroom, and below is the hand drawn 3d view of it. Several lamp will create a cozy atmosphere, and every piece of furniture is flexible and easy to move or transform. Everything can be changed or moved except the kitchen and bed. The closet is right by the entrance.

garsonjera 28m2 II_0001

The second version is shown below with same furniture but different layout. Bed is separated from the rest by low bookshelf.

plan varijanta Igarsonjera 28m2 I_0001

next few pictures are visualization of the first version with a bed separated by a wall. The rendering is simple, with no decoration.

pogled iz predsobljapogled iz radnog kutkapogled iz trpezarijskog dijelapogled s ulaza

The owner did like very much the suggestions I made for her…but changed her mind about the bed. She wants a sofa bed and more airy space. I’ll show you that floorplan and elevations some other time.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this one. Do you like it? or not? what would you do?

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  1. Sviđa mi se kako je sve skupa zamišljeno, dobro izgleda. Koji program za vizualizacije na zadnjim slikama koristiš?

    1. U ovom slucaju sam koristila Autodesk Homestyler - zanimljiv online softver, a volim raditi i sa 3d planerom na mydeco.com


Always love to know your thoughts. Thanks for sharing


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