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The company Architectural art tile is here on PassionDecor today, to present you their product. I believe art tiles can be very interesting decor element in the kitchen and bathroom. I would personaly put them in the outdoor kitchen, installed on the plywood, so it can be movable yet functional. Outdoor kitchen I have in mind is like this

outdoor kitchen by Nina Tolstrup – Studiomama via dezeen

John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong of Studio Gorm  via dezeen

Backsplash glass kitchen tile:
An idiosyncratic glass tile backsplash has the capability to generate a crucial apex in your kitchen or soggy bar and actually dress-up up your furnishings for an individual look. The vicinity that glass tile backsplashes cover is in fact not so huge, so your outlay is little compared to the visual brunt one can accomplish. Most kitchens look so very alike, and all kitchens that are actually used acquire their allocate splatters and drips, so a ceramic tile, mosaic glass tile, stainless steel or artistic metal backsplash makes fine sense too. One can obtain some immense ideas for scheming a tile backsplash by looking at some of the ceramic tile artist's websites examples. If any one is thinking of updating some of the kitchen surfaces, reflect on ceramic tile. It's not only more long-lasting than many surfaces but also virtually maintenance-free, waterproof, fire-resistant and uncongenial to microorganisms.

More of the Backsplash:

Years back tile was pricey for the reason that it was made by means of hand. Nowadays, though, tile has turned out to be much more reasonably priced and can be purchased at home-improvement centers. A lot of homeowners now use tile art, which oblige fewer grout joints. Smaller tiles, on the other hand, take account of lugs on each side to generate involuntary grout joints, eliminating the requirement for spacers. Additional trends embrace by means of floor tiles to swathe walls, slanting fitting and patterns that unite two or more insignia. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile can lucratively be installed on all comportment of countertops. Selecting the right support underneath the tile is very significant. The subsequent section will give the person who reads some of the most admired methods used in building the countertops of today.

More of the art tile possibilities:

For more info and pictures on backsplash glass tiles please go to ArchitecturalArtTile.com


hope you can imagine possibilities of this decor element

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