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charcoal grey and yellow bedroom via casa greer via Casa Greer

* Every child is an artist - says Picasso. I suggest to keep that artist on the surface, which means you will have A LOT of art supplies. Here's an idea how to organize it

* want to throw a party? what's a good party without proper hats? well, why don't you make them...it's quite easy

* hm... grey bedroom with pops of yellow would make me very lazy. as well as the one pictured above

* small but sweet apartment. Love the sectional and the kitchen. Oh, and the art above the bed :) want that!

* did you know that you can turn this kid's foam mats into piece of loveliness? all you need is artist hiding in you to wake up or find some printable on the net

* please, raise your hand if you have one room for several purposes! Jordan's living room has to have a sitting area, playing area, home office. sounds familiar...

* it's often said creativity hits it's peak when having limited possibilities...so let your creativity out and repurpose

* I sure need a pantry, it is quite challenging to store everything I need in the small kitchen. Without one, I feast my eyes on other people's pantries...this lady knocked me down with awesome pantry makeover as well as sincere and interesting post!


*if you want your home suited to your personality and needs

contact me for a free design board*


  1. Draga Milijana, neopisivo mi je drago naletjeti na nekog 'svog', zato Ti puno hvala sto si se javila. Blog je divan i svjez, sto je stvarno za svaku pohvalu jer na vecini blogova se recikliraju iste stvari. Sve najbolje u buducem radu i nadam se da ce Ti se zelje s kojim si zapocela ovaj blog ostvariti. Pratimo se :)

  2. Dobrodosla :D
    Bas mi je drago da ti se kod mene dopada,jer volim biti okruzena domacim ljudima. Puno ti hvala na lijepim zeljama...naravno,pratimo se


  3. Novi header je divan! Toliko mogu reci ja kao laik, a mom decku dizajneru se isto jako svida, sa strucne strane :)

  4. Oh, hvala do neba! Mnogo mi znaci! Dugo mi nije funkcionisao moj najdrazi Ilustrator, ali sad sam najzad mogla sama sebi da nacrtam logo. I bas ga volim :)


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