bold pattern in the kitchen

These beautiful fretwork doors are inspired by traditional hand-carved Indonesian mirror frames. A clever way to incorporate bold pattern into simple,elegant kitchen. I'm thinking of having a kitchen like this! 4-Kitchen-Luxe-Ethnic-CameraPress-DamienPleming via red
You like bold patterns but you're afraid because it might be overwhelming or it can bore you soon. Solution is on the three examples below - curtains, pendant light, chairs and accessories can be changed easily, giving you always the fresh feeling35-adler-0509-xlg-22608254149673_469338184599_183677989599_5473104_4396245_nbild-18_50542562 Personally, I love this photo - too much details, patterns, colors, textures, but so harmoniously put together
photos via RED, IKEA, LivingETC, Domino
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  1. Hello! Love your blog!
    Could you please advise where you got picture no.3? I love the table and I'm looking for one like that for my home.

  2. Hello B!
    I found that photo on LivingETC, but don't know exactly in what section..I just know it's old around ten months or so. Try first in dining rooms,and when you find it, I'm sure you will find listed sources too...

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