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An-Angel-at-My-Table-birdcage-mirror *an angel at my table birdcage mirror

* Birdcages were very popular in the design blogosphere last spring, but are still a trend..especially with the new spring coming along. Mirror camouflaged in birdcage is my favorite{picture above}, but check out what Alicia put together as birdcage inspiration

* Do you know how to accessorize the coffee table? I find these examples very helpful

* My kitchen is small and without natural light...it's inspiring to know some people knew what to do with kitchen like that 

*  meet Saša Antić  - stylist living in Sweden. Got to love his portfolio!

* Using jars as picture frames. Great idea!

I plan to make a series of posts with links to things I find interesting. It is hard and not so pretty to blog about EVERYTHING I find lovely and inspiring, so this is the solution


  1. Great idea, dear! I like your links.
    Hugs, Nina

  2. ajde baš si me razveselila s ovim rascvjetanim granama... jutros ih promatram uz kavicu aj baš su divni

  3. thank you my lovely ladies

    hugs to you both!


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