geninne's fab studio

Well, this is what I call a good art studio

geninne's art blog_studio1

Good idea for storing pens, brushes and other artistic goods are jars, cups or ceramic pots, all nicely arranged in a tray.

I LOVE calligraphy block on the wall. Words and letters SO inspire me!

geninne's art blog_studio2 geninne's art blog_studio3 

Color of the wooden furniture is beautiful. So retro, yet modern. Goes well with so many different styles. And look at those inspiration boards!

* all photos via Geninne's art blog


  1. Predivan studio, posebno me očarava urednost koju ja u mom radnom prostoru nikako ne mogu da postignem!

  2. I mene takodje...mada vrlo je moguce da je ovo urednost samo za fotografisanje...jer ipak kada se radi tesko je ostati uredan, a nekad i tesko vracati opet sve na svoje mjesto - posebno ako je posao nedovrsen.

  3. Yes, I agree! This looks wonderful. A creative place to love!
    Hugs, Nina

  4. Oh, I am just so jealous when I see spaces like this. To have a lovely creative studio would be divine. Sigh.



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