passion finds… bedside tables

Here are some examples that I think are interesting. Some of them are more original than the others, but all of them are functional.
The thing is – I like them…that’s what this post is all about :)
bedroom_001 via idealhomemagazine
Grey neutral bedroom sleigh bed designer side table animal skin rug floorboards alcove sash window original period features real home L etc 01/2008 Pub Orig
bedroom-57 via idealhomemagazine
builtin via decor8blog
ladder via decor8blog
new bedroom03-06 via living etc
round ottoman via decor8blog
Spring-bedroom bench bedside via livingetc
wicker stool via decor8blog
wooden bench via decor8blog
wooden block via decor8blog
As you can see…all you need is a bit of imagination, and you can use almost any suitable item for a bedside table. Anything you can put a lamp, a book and a glass of water on…
I didn’t put any photo with chair as a nightstand…that is for another occasion
photos via LivingETC and IdealHOME


  1. Predivan blog, baš mi je drago da sam te pronašla:))) Pozdrav iz Splita

  2. Love that block of wood in the last photo! It really can be anything, that's the beauty of it! I'm looking forward to see some chairs as nightstands... I've been thrift shopping for some but no luck so far getting what I want... :)

  3. Eda, WELCOME, I'm glad you're here :)

    Dear Izzy, I wish you luck and patience in your quest, I know there is a chair waiting just for you... :)

  4. Ova velika limena kanta je super šik!

  5. These are all lovely rooms!


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