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Hello my friends. It’s unusually hot and sunny day here in Herceg Novi for this time of year. The sea looks like someone poured hundred of brilliants on its surface, the view is magical let me tell ya.
The little one is asleep, so I have time for a post. While flipping through DECO my place, an unlimited source of inspiration from real homes…one album caught my attention. To be honest, it’s not the best ever, or unbelievably different, but it is warm, cozy, colorful and passionate.
good mood factory16
This home belongs to Anita Damas, very talented artist, painter and interior designer. She’s originally from Poland, but living in Brazil, which influence is noticeable in her work. Don’t miss to visit site of her company Good Mood Factory and check out all of her work. She makes such beautiful things (visit her shop and blog for details)
good mood factory9
I love this garden corner, so inviting and restful. Always loving mix of old and new, organic forms with sleek forms, and mixing natural palette with bright pops of color.
good mood factory2
good mood factory
Here (above) she does it again – successfully being eclectic
good mood factory10
good mood factory14
good mood factory13
Lovely DIY idea, don’t you think? Hm, I have several jars like this holding pencils and color pens. I could use at least one for my balcony, to give it a romantic feel.
good mood factory4
good mood factory3
Do you like it?
Until next post, bye bye from Millie


  1. What a lovely home!! It has such warmth and a real cosy, homely feel to it - thanks for sharing x

  2. I'm glad you like it, Amanda :)


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