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I apologize to you,my dearest readers and visitors, for non posting for days... :(
I have problems with my pc, and had problems with my internet connection-I was cut out for too long if you ask me. Internet connection is established now, but my pc is acting like the old man with too many health problems. It may take years before I buy a new one, although buying new pc would be cheaper than fixing problems every month. I cannont start my Illustator (and I almost can't live without it),and I can not install a new version - my pc doesn't alowe it. Same thing happend with Skype (I'm going crazy without it as my sisters live abroad and skype is the only way to keep in touch with them regularly)...
Untill I buy a new computer (wishing being able to buy The Mac), I hope you'll forgive me for periodical absence; now you know who's to blame :)

Because it's monday,it's time for house tour. I've prepared planty of materials, including a new category soon featuring home tours in my area :) Still thinking how to name the category and how often to post it. Have ideas?please share :D

This Monday we're visiting absolutely charming little apartment of young and talented graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen. I've seen this apartment few years ago in magazine Moj Stan(My apartment), and ever since I was looking for it through the web..but couldn't find it. Like they read my mind, DigsDigs featured this home tour just a few days ago. Despite my jealousy they find it first :) I'm so happy you can see this loveliness on my blog.
Why I like this apartment? Maybe I'm more modern oriented person than I thought.. I love how Laura mixed modern furniture and bright colours with some vintage and orient elements.. I bet you'll be amazed as just as I am
This apartment is in Copenhagen,so you understand why the white is dominant. Don't you just love this pink? Lately I'm more fond of pink than ever before..cought myself buying and wearing pink dresses,pink nail polish and some accessories. Like i feel more feminine
Nice idea for dressing table..draw your accessories on the wall,put some nails and voila!

This balcony - patio is my neverending inspiration. Since I saw this photo few years ago,it's alweys on my mind,because I want to feel in my home like while looking this photo - free,without emotional and national boundaries..in this space I would feel Cosmopolitan :D

True ambient of graphic designer - pure colours, graphic elements, shapes

how beautiful is this pink floor! totally unusual but very practical I think :)
via: Bolig


  1. Wow! Wonderful - I love every inch of it! I particularily love the glass coffee table :)

  2. I've seen this before, and it's gorgeous!

  3. I really like these rooms but I know I'd never have so much pink at home. My five sons and hubby would surely have a fit!

    Have a splendid week, Millie!


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