do you know what pinterest is?..

Hello everybody :)
I've noticed one person stopped following me these days..can't describe how sad I am about that. It's because I'm not posting often enough. In the future,I'll try my best to find some spare time to write good posts more often.
I want to thank you for being patience and believer...hoping you know how much it means to me.

Anyway..like the headline asked: have you heard about Pinterest? It's a fabolous site and overall idea, because we have an oportunity for a virtual pinboard,perfect for us - visual people. I'm not saying classical pinboards aren't good ,not at all, in fact they're very nice and practical touch in your office corner or in the kitchen.... What I'm saying is that Pinterest is a way to have much more pinboards without cluttering your space and everything is so well organized. You should try it, it's so easy to use.
How it works? Because you have to be invited by someone,or by Pinterest itself, visit the site and leave your email. Within few days you'll recieve an invitation. I have three more invitations left to send, so if you're interested, please let me know in comment below
Everything you see on the web, can be pinned...everything you find inspirative - lifestyle, fashion, arts, crafts, interiors, furniture, accessories, jewlery, food, drink, music, movies...etc etc
Here are some of mine pinboards. List of pinboards looks like this (picture below)

 and pinboard inside looks like this (pictures below)

be sure to follow me when you join Pinterest
wishing you happy weekend


  1. Since I'm a visual type of person, I find this very helpful! And I know a few other people who are in the process of refurnishing their apartments, so I'll recommend! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. followers come and go.... don't be sad! the true ones will never leave you - no biggy!

  3. Hvala Tea! Zato sam i zahvalna svima vama koji ste tu! vjerovatno svi mi blogeri ne smijemo zaboraviti da prvenstveno zbog sebe pisemo.. :)

  4. Hi Millie. I'm one of the creators of pinterest. Thanks so much for the lovely writeup. I agree with Tea. Followers come and go - but as we start to add more people to Pinterest, I'm sure more folks will discover your lovely boards :)

    Thanks for the nice blog post and keep pinning!


  5. Interesting site. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard about it before. I wouldn't worry about not being able to post enough. I have been feeling that way lately a lot. Sometimes life is just like that. And people stop following some people for various reasons. More will come though!

  6. Thank you all for support! :D
    Ben,thank you and your team for creating such original and useful site :D


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