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It's not easy to talk about african interior style, because it's meshup of different cultures of Middle East, Arabian,Portugal,Spain,France and England... In center of all these cultural influences is african tribal tradition, with it's beautiful simbols and elements celebrating the Earth, animals and overall life.
I can feel the rythm in every piece made by African origins.

Colours used for implementing this style can be strong, bold red, burnt orange, dark blue, dark green, mustard...and this way you achieve exotic look of your home... but if you want to feel calm, peacefull and close to earth use neutral and natural colour palettes, with brown as dominant.

African style is good choice if you want to go green, as it doesn't alowe non-natural materials. No1 is wood, as almost everything is made out of it, even accessories and kitchen utensils.

Important element in this style is original art form Africa, wall tapestry, masks, wood animal statues, or ebony figurines of women and men

Cow is a sacred animal in Africa, so I don't know is it a good idea to put cow skin (real or fake) on the floor? A lot of people thinks that animal print is gorgeous and perfect for this style. Yes, it does kind of represents it, but not truly. It looks more like home of english colonialist in Africa, who got busy hunting... Please, correct me if I'm wrong :)

I find this style (as every other as well) very inspirative. I wrote about it much more on Enterijer, so go check it out in a few days. If anybody needs translator, you can find it on the bottom of the page,right next to search box.
Here I just gave you a hint..and some gorgeous photos.
Would you love to put some element of Africa in your home?

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  1. Stol na prvoj slici je mraaaaak! Nisam znala da pišeš kolumne, svaka čast!


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