modern family apartment in Warsaw ** moderan porodični stan u Varšavi

Great ideas, overall functionality, well used space, kid-friendly environment, positive vibrations with loads of vibrant colours...that's what I see in this Poland apartment. Measures approx 65sqm but it seems like a hundred. I bet my kids would be enormously happy in this place. And nothing would make me happy more :)

 Iako bih imala dosta da kažem o ovom stanu u Poljskoj, jednostavno nisam raspoložena da pišem...pa ni da mislim. Fantastičan je, to se vidi...i meni je sasvim dovoljno da se sladim fotografijama.

photos via Widawscy studio architektury

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  1. It is indeed a very positive house! Loved the letterings on the wallpaper.


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