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The designboard I made here is for my younger sister. She has a room in our family house. The room is already furnished, but not functional as it should be. There are two sofa beds, big armoire and one pretty big rectangular coffee table. Boring + it's taking too much of valuable floor space. She wants something more functional, according to her living style...place for relaxing, enjoying some quiet time, reading books, for yoga practising. She's inspired by Asian culture, especially Japanese, but also loves romantic French and Scandinavian functionality. I tried to combine the three, so my inspiration is this chevron pattern in black, taupe and blue palette, with lots of white, natural elements and contrasting rectangular and oval shapes. here's the design board:

The room measures almost 15sqm and I envision three seperate zones. Entrance zone has credenza-like-storage for shoes, huge gallery wall, floating shelves, floor lamp and comfy chair. In the middle of the room, oval console with big size inspiration board creates working corner. And there is also daybed with storage or extra bed for guests, two Lack tables with square ottomans for extra seating.
 The room is painted in two colours - light blue and milk chocolate brown. We can't change that, but it will look great after everything is finished. Everything you see on the above photo is going out. Unfortunately, the room progress is extremely slow...and we can't do anything about that. Below is the actual situation in the room, and my suggestions.
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